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Musings and rambling commentary on current events, politics, music, and other cultural issues mixed with a few personal references.
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:: Thursday, July 29, 2004 ::

Bob Just says,"pick your party, pick your man, and pick your country. It's your future."
Here are your choices:
They believe there is truth, and that truth is expressed in fixed principles. They guide their thinking by these principles. This allows a person to know what's essential and what is non-essential in achieving goals. It allows a person to choose those goals wisely in the first place and then pursue them wisely and aggressively.
or the contrasting point of view as stated by one Ronald Wilson Reagan,
...a prevailing attitude of many who have turned to a modern-day secularism, discarding the tried and time-tested values upon which our very civilization is based. No matter how well intentioned, their value system is radically different from that of most Americans. And while they proclaim that they're freeing us from superstitions of the past, they've taken upon themselves the job of superintending us by government rule and regulation. Sometimes their voices are louder than ours, but they are not yet a majority.

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Fearsome truth from the pen of Osama Bin Laden's former sister-in-law: "Osama bin Laden and those like him didn't spring, fully formed, from the desert sand. They were made. They were fashioned by the workings of an opaque and intolerant medieval society that is closed to the outside world. It is a society where half the population have had their basic rights as people amputated, and obedience to the strictest rules of Islam must be absolute. Despite all the power of their oil-revenue, the Saudis are structured by a hateful, backward-looking view of religion and an education that is a school for intolerance . . . .When Osama dies, I fear there will be a thousand men to take his place."

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A little more from Mr. Multilateral: "For all the abuse that the Bush administration receives for its conduct of the war on terrorism, the Proliferation Security Initiative and Caspian Guard stand as examples of the other side of the war as conducted by a serious administration that knows we are all in for a long twilight struggle. "

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:: Tuesday, July 27, 2004 ::
You MUST look at this picture of Mimas from the Cassini probe.

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:: Monday, July 26, 2004 ::
A great story about a good man in a tough job.

Pentagon memo reveals bugging - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - July 26, 2004: "On June 19, 2002, during a routine meeting with the director of security for the Department of Defense, it was reported to my staff and me that a potential 'listening device' was previously discovered in the infrastructure of DoDIG."

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:: Wednesday, July 21, 2004 ::
Say WHAT? Nuclear arms reportedly found in Iraq - (United Press International): "Baghdad, Iraq, Jul. 21 (UPI) -- Iraqi security reportedly discovered three missiles carrying nuclear heads concealed in a concrete trench northwest of Baghdad, official sources said Wednesday."

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No comment needed.

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:: Monday, July 12, 2004 ::
Orson Scott Card sees High Bias in the media.
What makes the liberal bias in the mainstream media so pernicious is that they deny that they're biased and insist that their twisted version of events is "reality," and anyone who disagrees with them is either mentally or morally suspect. In other words, they're fanatics. And, like all good fanatics, they're utterly convinced that they're in sole possession of virtue and truth.

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