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Musings and rambling commentary on current events, politics, music, and other cultural issues mixed with a few personal references.
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:: Wednesday, May 12, 2004 ::

Barbara Stock issues An Apology to the Pigs of the World.
Man, is she ever pissed. I find nothing in her column with which I would disagree. If the moderate muslims of the world (WHERE ARE THEY? Are they simply a construct of politicians and media conglomerates, or do they, in fact, exist?) do not make their voices heard in opposition to the policies and actions of Al Qaeda and its allies, we will be left to assume that they wish to be counted among them. We will fight for our survival and our liberty. We will fight for yours as well, if need be, but let us make this point perfectly clear: There is NO neutral ground in this conflict. With us, or with them. Make your choice and accept the consequences together with the responsibilities that this requires.

What much of the civilized world cannot understand, nor accept, is that we are in a war for our very survival. What this recent video clearly shows is not just an attack on an american, but an attack on the Unites States of America and all that we hold dear. For those outside the U.S., you are not exempt. The Spanish have learned this, and others will follow. If we are not successful in the current conflict, the world will pay a heavy price. The faction represented by those responsible for this act have been at war with the western world for decades. We are just now waking up to that reality and entering that conflict in our own defense. We may not like the whole idea of war. We may pray for peace and hope that all of this will just blow over if we close our eyes real tight and wish really hard, but it will not. I know that this sound harsh (and I have 6 sons and a daughter, so I know what is at stake), but we have to admit that there is a war going on here and that neutrality will not assure safety. This is a day that demands action. To become free requires effort and sacrifice...often at the cost of lives and loves. To maintain what has been won by such supernal sacrifice will require that we be willing to defend it again and again...as often as needed... or it will be lost. And the cost of regaining liberty, once lost, is beyond imagination.

We have lost the connection that we once had with the true price of freedom. We have, in great measure, become complacent and self-absorbed. We must all take stock of ourselves in light of what is happening in the world today and decide what - if anything - we should do. Decide whether what you hold dear is worth defending and how far you are willing to go to do so.

:: Mark 2:36 PM [+] ::
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