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Musings and rambling commentary on current events, politics, music, and other cultural issues mixed with a few personal references.
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:: Thursday, February 12, 2004 ::

Over at the OpinionJournal Peggy Noonan is asking for your help in defining the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign.
It is February 2004. In nine months, the big election. The White House, even as I type, is in the process of preparing a huge and high-stakes campaign. They have a foe to fight, money with which to fight the foe, and loyal troops who will march.
When the president's men gather to come up with the themes and rhetorical approaches of 2004, there's a big question that more often goes unarticulated, and unnoticed. It is: How to make it new.

Mr. Bush has been president three years. He has presided over a time of dense history. Most of the voters in the country have been paying more attention than usual. We know what's happened.

The Bush people have to roll it all into, say, one speech, which can be distilled to one paragraph, which people will distill to a sentence or two to explain to themselves and others why they support the president for re-election.

Just about now they'd be coming up with the paragraph.


Now for our challenge. What should the Bush paragraph consist of? How to make it new? How to make it memorable, and true? Readers, you are invited to wrap up in one paragraph what the Bush campaign should say as it unveils itself anew. The White House reads this site. They'll see it. Take the floor and tell them how to do it.

Go ahead and give them a hand. This is your big chance at political superstar status.

:: Mark 9:39 AM [+] ::
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