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:: Tuesday, February 10, 2004 ::

“The Bush Doctrine is dead!",
a friend and triumphant fan of the Democratic party pronounced in my office, upon the news that David Kay could find no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He said this with some ambivalence, wishing, at least for Israel's sake, that Bush hadn't bungled, while savoring the chance for his party's victory.
There is, indeed, a sense that since his lightning victory in Iraq, and despite the capture of Saddam Hussein, Bush's foreign-policy balloon has been popped. America went to war to disarm an unarmed dictator. Bush will never, my friend says, be able to play the WMD card again. Ergo, his doctrine is dead.
I don't think so. Partly because, as former CIA chief James Woolsey has pointed out, the 8,500 liters of anthrax that Iraq admitted it had, if reduced to powder, could have fit into a number of suitcases.
"Saddam's 'stockpile' of biological agent wasn't in his spider hole with him," says Woolsey, "But it could have been." We also don't know what he stashed away in Syria.

Actually, I think that it is just beginning to stretch its wings.

:: Mark 11:58 AM [+] ::
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