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:: Friday, September 19, 2003 ::

Julia Gorin is not very sympathetic towards Madeline Albright in an edit titled, "Not at Albright", over at FOXNews.com even though she's a woman.
Albright was catapulted to power by a combination of talent for influencing people and a rock-hard determination to not let 'the boys win out,' as she called it. The latter in particular resonated with women, who habitually credit Albright for having penetrated a man's world amid intimidating obstacles. Unfortunately, women often mistake this kind of ambition in a woman for a virtue, their logic being: 'There are enough men in positions of power screwing up the world; it's time to give a woman a chance!'
In April of last year, Albright told Canada's The Globe and Mail that she considers being a woman an advantage in foreign affairs: 'I think women are better listeners and we can relate better on a personal basis, which ultimately makes a big difference in high-level, international relations.'

For all the obsessive touting she does of her gender, still unable to get over herself as the first female secretary of state even after flunking the job, this is one Woman who should have aimed lower in life.
Albright has been called 'tough' on issues, an 'outspoken woman who tells it like it is.' Unfortunately, she had a knack for being tough on the wrong issues and a flair for telling it like it isn't. Even after it wasn't. In her time, the woman gave a whole new meaning to the term counter-intelligence.

:: Mark 8:48 AM [+] ::
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