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:: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 ::

Hans Zeiger has a column up on WorldNetDaily entitled, "Boy Scout zealots at Camp Balboa?" that should be required reading for anyone with interest in the issues surrounding the B.S.A. of late. Please read the whole artile. It is well researched and direct in disclosing the facts in this instance, and in the overall battle for the heart and soul of this nation.
With 'overwhelming and uncontradicted evidence,' Judge Napoleon Jones found that the Boy Scouts are a religious organization and they were given preferential treatment when the City of San Diego first agreed to let the Boy Scouts utilize public land in Balboa Park 88 years ago.
''Belief in God is and always has been central to BSA's principles and purposes,'' Judge Jones wrote. ''Adult leaders are expected to reinforce in Scouts the values of duty to God and reverence.''
Duty to God? Reverence? Those are old-fashioned values. The Boy Scouts must be stuck in the past. It is time for the Boy Scouts to change and allow atheists and homosexuals and girls to join in on camping trips and troop meetings. Thus saith the ACLU.


There is "overwhelming and uncontradicted evidence" that the ACLU is destroying America, one Boy Scout camp at a time.


Update: WorldNetDaily: Judge rules Scouts 'religious' group
"The fact that they've invested a substantial amount of money in the park is not a justification for them to occupy park land for free," Budd told the Union-Tribune.

Budd said if the Scouts want a public subsidy and free access to public park land, they must do what virtually every other youth organization has done.

"The Girl Scouts, the Campfire Girls, the YMCA, the YWCA – every other youth organization has abandoned exclusive membership policies," he said.

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