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Musings and rambling commentary on current events, politics, music, and other cultural issues mixed with a few personal references.
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:: Monday, May 12, 2003 ::

Former DCI James Woolsey defines his own version of the Axis of Evil in claiming that the U.S.is fighting World War IV against it.
This war did not begin Sept. 11, he says. That was merely the date on which the United States discovered, much to its shock, that these three powerful and dangerous elements had been at war with the United States for some time.
All three members of this axis had attacked the United States repeatedly in different ways since at least 1979. The attacks became increasingly more dramatic because the enemy concluded, based on deductive reasoning, that the U.S. was a paper tiger – unwilling to fight, or, at least, fight to win. They concluded the U.S. just didn't have the stomach for it, the former CIA director says.
"In 1979, they took out hostages and we tied yellow ribbons around trees and launched an ineffective effort, crashing helicopters in the desert, to rescue them," explains Woolsey. "In 1983, they blew up our embassy and our Marine barracks in Beirut. What did we do? We left. Throughout much of the 1980s, various terrorist acts were committed against us. We would occasionally arrest a few small fry. There was one honorable exception - President Reagan's strike against Tripoli. But, generally speaking, we prosecuted individuals when we could - essentially we litigated – in response to the terrorist acts of the '80s."

I will have more to say about this later. In the mean-time, go read it.

:: Mark 12:14 PM [+] ::
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