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:: Thursday, May 01, 2003 ::

Dorothy Rabinowitz has concluded that the whining and complaining from many of the outspoken celebrity oponents of US foreign policy is irrelevant to a majority of Americans.
The battle of Iraq may be over but the warriors for peace struggle on. Theirs is not an easy road, particularly, we hear, in the entertainment industry, which is packed with notables fresh from their vocal campaign against the war, the president, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney--objects of scorn in all the best circles, from Paris to California.
Now, it appears, some celebrities worry about damage to their careers. The Dixie Chicks have taken a hit. Sean Penn thinks his views have cost him jobs. Tina Brown, whose main concern about the war seems to be that it caused the postponement of her new TV show, announced last week that it would soon air and that she planned to decorate the set with an American flag bigger than anyone else's. She had to scrape up as many core American values as she could, declared Ms. Brown, "to have any hope of being allowed on TV at all in the current climate of punitive patriotism."
No fear. Americans aren't likely to concern themselves much with Ms. Brown's flag--in the event they actually encounter her program. Most of them have matters more pressing on their minds. For some, these days, those matters include funerals and mourning rites for people they have never met.

I, as one of these Americans, agree with her. The glaring hypocrisy of these self-proclaimed guardians of truth, compassion, and morality has rendered their opinions to be of so little consequence outside of Hollywood and the darkest corners of DNC headquarters that even the snail-darters and spotted owls no longer care.

Update:BushCountry has more on the subject

Boycotts don't work, America cannot beat anyone in a war, the supply lines are too thin, Iraqi resistance is stiff, the Arab street will rise up, and my favorite, "There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!" The bottom line is that the Left wants everyone to believe them, or in the case of the former Iraqi Minister of Information Baghdad Bob, believe anything but what is actually happening.

Hollywood, and just about everyone else on the left want all of us to believe that resistance is futile. They first and foremost want to make sure that the American public understands that to criticize a celebrity that is criticizing the president or America in general, is just plain un-American. A celebrity or a politician or any of the Leftist elite are beyond reproach, and we all must appreciate the notion that when they bash America, they are being patriotic and that ordinary Americans who try and use the 1st amendment to express their disapproval of the left, are acting against the constitution.

:: Mark 2:05 PM [+] ::
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