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Musings and rambling commentary on current events, politics, music, and other cultural issues mixed with a few personal references.
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:: Friday, April 18, 2003 ::

Daniel Henninger invokes Milton To frame the debate over the battle between good and evil, and those who are reluctant to accept that such a struggle may exist.
If this is true--that years of declining belief have diluted evil to an abstraction--it isn't surprising that for a great many people in the Iraq debate the idea that Saddam Hussein and his Iraqi regime were evil enough to require elimination from the civilized world simply did not compute; that's been deleted from their software. Despite the beheadings of women and the severing of dissenting tongues (Amnesty International report, 2000), the now-revealed prisons for children, the torture chambers with meat hooks, nine years of meticulous U.N. archiving of programs to produce weapons of mass destruction, the homicidal gassing of Shiites and Kurds, and a son, Uday, whose life reveals the Husseins to be, more than anything, Neronic voluptuaries, despite what this so obviously adds up to, it could never be "sufficient cause."
Milton thought that should evil win, then earth's base was "built on stubble." Not yet.

It is truly astounding to me that so much of the "enlightened" world would deny the very existence of evil when evidence of its power are so clearly displayed in the chaos that surrounds us.

:: Mark 9:32 AM [+] ::
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