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Musings and rambling commentary on current events, politics, music, and other cultural issues mixed with a few personal references.
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:: Tuesday, April 15, 2003 ::

Andrew Bolt of the Herald Sun takes the Australian anit-war crowd to task in fine fashion.
The sentiment expressed here should be broadly applied to similarly self-serving narcisists world wide.

WHEN protesters marched to stop this war of liberation, Saddam Hussein was filmed gloating to his generals.

"They support you," he crowed.
So where are you today, you whom Saddam reckoned among his friends?

Where are you who waved anti-war banners that pouted: "Not In Our Name"?

Did you see the Iraqi people kiss and hug the allied soldiers -- our soldiers -- who gave them their freedom after decades of terror?

Now say it again, if you dare: Not In Our Name.

And my personal favorite:
Saddam is gone, and his worst weapons will be found and destroyed. His people have lost a tyrant. Terrorists have lost a sponsor. Iraq's neighbours have lost a threat. Dictators elsewhere have lost sleep. And to all this, our anti-war protesters said: Not In Our Name.

Read it all.

:: Mark 1:12 PM [+] ::
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