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Musings and rambling commentary on current events, politics, music, and other cultural issues mixed with a few personal references.
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:: Wednesday, March 26, 2003 ::

The war effort is continuing in a mostly positive way, from my perspective. I, like many others, have wondered about a way to make my support for the home team known. James Black of the Daily Mail has an idea and sent me the following:

Dear Mark,

A few days/weeks ago you wrote to me with kind words after seeing my open letter to America in your local newspaper or via e-mail sent by one of your friends.

At the time the great hope was that the situation in Iraq could be sorted by peaceful means. Most of us were desperate for a solution to be found to the crisis. This did not happened and we are now at war.

The people of the USA and Britain are once again forced together in arms to help solve the problems of the world. Once again we two nations will give our blood, our money, and our assistance, to help people who have been ruthlessly oppressed.

As in many earlier instances we will not be sending a bill or asking for thanks - true humanity does not require such things.

In my original letter I noted that I would stand by the American people should they face crisis again.

I think that time has come.

Like many people I feel helpless as I see our troops giving the ultimate sacrifice in my name. I want to let them know that, even though I am not in a desert with them, I am there in spirit.

Most of us will never be at the pointy end of battle as they are, but that doesn't stop us doing our part - something positive.

For this reason, I, James Black, pledge, that as of this day, Wednesday 26 March 2003, and for the duration of hostilities, whenever I receive a banknote of any denomination I will simply write in thick lines the letter V on it.

As we all know from previous experience, banknotes tend not to stay in our possession too long, so you can be sure that it won¹t take long before they will be seen by many others.

They will see the V and know it has been placed there to wish our armed forces a swift Victory.

The V also stands for peace, something we all want for the future.

The simple act of writing a letter V is not outrageous, does not smash windows, does not offend others, does not take up police time, and is easy to enact. It's effects, however, can soon be seen by all in the USA and the UK - and everywhere else.

I will place a V on every banknote I come across and I encourage the many thousands of people who have written to me since February to do exactly the same.

Let¹s show we want Victory, and we look forward to peace. I will write V on my notes - will you?


James Black

PS If you like the idea - pass it on!

Pass it on indeed.

:: Mark 11:29 AM [+] ::
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